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Unique software for unique people from Tuukka Salonen

Sketch Maps - Drawable live HERE map which can also be saved to pictures (Windows Phone)
Sketch Views - Draw & write over live images from device camera and save to pictures (Windows Phone & Lumia)
Tile Maps - The ultimate Microsoft exam visualizer in cloud (Windows & Mac)

Original docPointer product "Visual ReadMe v2.0" for Windows XP in still available

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Key features: drawable desktop, web svg mindmaps and flowcharts

Download Visual ReadMe v2.0

At the moment application is not supported in Windows 7 or 8.x The next official version will be released for Windows 10.

In Windows Vista & 7 it is important to disable desktop composition because of performance There is also serious scaling issues in some cases.

Video tutorials:

Intoduction to docPointer drawable desktop

Introduction to docPointer FlowCharts

Introduction to docPointer web mindmaps