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docPointer 10 is designed for Windows 10 and it’s Free & AdFree! Download docPointer 10 (v10.0.87)

docPointer files are an easier way to visualize documents and web sites using graphics and links. File Explorer is just a list of files and “Read Me” files are usually just plain text. docPointer changes that totally as docPointer provides you a desktop you can draw on. docPointer files can also be displayed in any web browser using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) export. docPointer has features from desktop, drawing programs and web browsers combined in a new innovative way. Welcome to the visual future!

docPointer User Interface picture

Please watch the video introduction (3m 50s) and tutorials.

How to create links to websites and files (6m 41s)

How to draw diagrams (9m 30s)

How to export SVG for Browsers (4m 18s)

Older docPointer versions are no longer available or supported on any OS. Do not download old versions from unofficial Web Sites. docPointer 10 works only on Windows 10.

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